Best Thai Food in the USA?

There are many ideas about what constitutes the best Thai food in the USA. After a bit of research this morning I think one definite candidate for the best Thai food in the United States is this restaurant in LA. called, Renu Nakorn.

Apparently, they make excellent Northern and Northeastern (Isaan) Thai food to die for. That’s good enough in my book! For me Thailand’s Northeast has the best food in Thailand. That’s because to me, Thai food is SPICY food. I love it with all kinds of spice – but not really sweet.

The North has rather sweet Thai food. The South – Sourish. The Northeast – so, so, so SPICY and delicious.

I don’t know when I’ll make it to L.A. to try Thai food at this place, but maybe one of you will and tell me about it?

Vern (Joy is working hard on her other job. She is a coordinator for volunteers coming to Thailand for eco-projects. She loves her new job but she won’t have much time to blog. I’m not as sweet or cute as Joy but I’ll do my best to keep it going!)

1 thought on “Best Thai Food in the USA?”

  1. Best Thai restaurant in USA is probably Arun in Chicago.

    Why? Arun’s chef was voted the best chef of Chicago (North?) by James Beard Foundation. It is the most respectful among chefs around the world.

    The most talkabout in NYC is probably KITTICHAI by Chef Chalemkittichai (former Thai chef from Four Season Hotel Bangkok).

    But best Thai in NYC is Pongsri. And a small hole in the wall called Sriprapai. Zagat rated Sriphapai the best in term of food.

    Just FYI ka.

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