Bangkok Street Food

Neither Joy nor myself really enjoy Bangkok – it’s too big city for us. But, there is an amazing variety of food in Bangkok – Thai food of course, but also vast selections of foreign foods and that part we DO enjoy.

Here’s a short article about Bangkok Street Food that you might enjoy >

Photo: Washington Post

2 thoughts on “Bangkok Street Food”

  1. There is nothing quite like Bangkok street food. The smells are intoxicating and where else can you get a 5 course meal while hanging out on the street watching the world go by.

    Best of all the food is fresh and tasty.

  2. is the food Center near Ambassador Hotel still open. Being 12 yrs since I never went back, but that was a great food. That was a great food court. Amazing food from varied origins. If it’s still opened: is the quality of food still stellar?
    PS: I miss Bangkok a lot.

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