Baby Jenna (Nong Mali) Added to the Family

Joy and I recently had a lovely daughter!

She is about 45 days old now and so far she is healthy and happy. We haven’t stopped smiling since she was born. She was 3 kilograms, 300 grams so somewhere around 7 pounds. She has been gaining weight fast and someone remarked that she looks two years old already!

I don’t think she is that big – but, she’s definitely bigger than most of the Thai babies we see around here. Our next door neighbor had a girl just one month before us and there are a few other moms on the street ready to give birth soon.

I kid Joy that I’m worrying about ADD – ADHD already, since I have it. I’ll be keeping a close eye on her behavior to see if she might be following in dad’s footsteps. I have slight asthma too and Joy’s brother has it pretty bad apparently. Will Jenna have it? We hope not…

🙂 Joy

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  1. Hi joy

    I have a thai daughter in law, married to my son a westener. Could you help me know what thai sauces a best to use for baby food, he is 10 months old. Is there any sauces she should avoid.
    Thai you Laurelle

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