Another Thai Food that Causes Bad Breath – Crispy Squid with 3 Flavors

Crispy squid after frying - a Thai food favorite.

500 g. cut it into a bite size (size of the squid is at your satisfaction), Click on the link to see photo.
1-2 tbsp. palm sugar (regular sugar is ok)
2 tbsp. shrimp paste (optional, some recipe say you don’t need this)
4 dried or fresh red chili (crush them)
1 clove garlic (crushed)
1/2 cup concentrated tamarind juice
1 tbsp. fish sauce
Vegetable oil

Cooking Instructions:

1. Deep fry the dried squids that you already cut them into bite size. Make sure you use low heat and don’t let it burn. This dried squid can get burnt very easy. How can you tell when it is ready? Don’t let it get the brownish color, yellowish is ok. When you have it turn yellow, the squid will be half chewy half crispy as it is cool off. However, having it turn brown the squid will be way to crispy that you won’t get to taste the saltiness from it but only the bitter taste.

2. Now, leave the squid aside and make 3 flavors dressing in a different pan.

3. Start with dried chili. If you don’t want it  too spicy, you can use dried red chili with long shape. Soak the chili in water for 15 minutes. Cut to take the seed out and then crushed it well. If you love spicy food you can just crush them without taking the seed out. Usually, dried red chili (the long one) is not that much spicy.

4. Next, heat the pan up and add 1 tbsp. vegetable oil. Add crushed chili and garlic, fry until it has good sneezing smell.

5. Then, add tamarind juice, palm sugar and fish sauce. During this time, you should use low heat, add little amount of water to make sure the sauce won’t get burn. Check if the sauce is sticky.

6. After that, add the fried squid into the sauce and mix it well. Please note that, the sauce should have 3 flavors of sweetness, saltiness and spiciness. You may change the taste of this sauce as the way you like before mixing the squid in it.

20 some years ago as a was a kid from the country side, my school was right in front of my grandma’s house where I lived. I joined the kindergarten there with my older brother, before we moved into my aunt’s. I was a very skinny and tiny that my teacher put me in the list of the kids that were lack of nutrient. Not that my mom didn’t give me good food but I was too picky. Whenever there many people ask me to eat, I closed my mouth tight, stick my nose up in the air and said “NO”… haha

However, here it come the reason for the size of my lunch box 20 years ago. It was a margarine box… small and cute.. 😀 haha. Nothing fancy. Kids in the countryside pack their lunch with rice and some other thing in the same box. Fried dried squid was my favorite… and 2 small squids with rice was the lunch I couldn’t finish up. 🙂

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  1. Hello Joy, I think this is more like it. I did not realize that
    they are the dried squids. Thank you..thank you.

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