American & Western Food Supermarkets in Thailand?

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Yes. Sort of. There’s not a whole supermarket of western food unless you’re in Bangkok.

In Thailand cities of any size at all you’re also going to find a large warehouse style store that is like a Sam’s Club. They sell in bulk to businesses but also allow individuals to roll through and buy a handful of items.

The name of this store is “Makro”. They’re always located outside city-center. Thai’s pronounce it Makro – like mahhkro – long o.

We go often because it’s a little bit cheaper to buy in bulk and the best reason is because they have a large selection (for Thialand) of American and other western food products.

What you can find in Thailand Makro stores:

  • 5 types of muesli cereal – there’s some from Switzerland, Germany and other places. Corn flakes and other Kellogg’s products. Great stuff and I eat this every morning with vegetarian soy milk – also found here in 300mm boxes (20 to a box I think it is).
  • Spaghetti and other pastas. All types. A few brands. They have spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce and sometimes you’ll even find taco shells close by this section.
  • milk, eggs, butter, yoghurt, margarine, cheese from all over the world – mostly Belgium. Mozzarella, Parmesian, Cheddar, Swiss, are the ones I remember. I think I’ve seen some blue cheese as well.
  • On occasion there are “Doritoes” and some cheesy flavored, vinegar flavored potato chips.
  • Olive oil – many brands.
  • Coffee. Thailand is weak in the coffee area. There are lots of instant coffees and few ground coffees.
  • Breads & Desserts section. About 5 types of bread – white, rye, pumpernickel and some other creations – really heavy breads.
  • Fish section, Fruits & Veggies section… really, just like Sams.
  • Electronics section. Household goods section. Chairs, tables, Alcohol section – better than Tesco or Big C’s Alcohol selections.
  • There are many American products – and I’m not able to remember even a fraction of them. One side of an isle is dedicated to western foods, so if you’re in Thailand and want to buy a lot of stuff to eat while you’re here this is the place.

You need a number when you checkout. At least they’ll ask for it. So far when I’ve told them – Mai mee (not have) – they punch some generic code in. They do give Joy a dirty look if she doesn’t have a card and she’s by herself. lol.

So, don’t fear… Western Food IS HERE in Thailand if you have a Makro close by. You’ll be loving life too the bread section is not at all bad…

(Vern wrote this one)

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