About Hubby

Hubby is my husband Vern Lovic. He’s from the USA. Here’s a short bio about what he likes to do, and his role here at JoysThaiFood.com!

Role at Joy’s Thai Food – Supportive husband, eater of Thai food, complimenter of Thai food, praiser of Thai food. Writer of articles about Thai food. Buyer of Thai food for The Wife. Daddy of kids who love Thai food.

Born in America decades ago (ha!) he went to the Air Force, was stationed in Hawaii, and got to see Busan, Korea on a temporary duty assignment. He slept in tents in the middle of winter! 🙂 haha 🙁

He went to New York City and was a photographer for a while. I’m ignoring the wedding he had in Hawaii because it’s better not to bring up all the wives he has had in the past! We never talk about it! Better that way!

After NYC, he went to Miami for college. He got a BA and MA in psychology. He moved to Tampa, Florida. He bought a fishing kayak. He fished almost every day, and quit his job working as a counselor in psychology. He went into computers because he knew how to fix them.

He got a lot of certifications from Microsoft in networking and apps, HP, IBM, DELL, Compaq, etc. He learned how to build websites. He learned how to make online businesses. He learned SEO. He worked for a computer training company for a short while and made crazy money.

I almost forgot, he learned meditation around 1997. He went really far in just 1 yr. He went through all the levels of Jhana (not sure what it is).

He loved Thai food and ate out at Thai restaurants often. He loved Yum Woon Sen, Tom Yum Goong, Pad Thai, Kow Pad Gai, and some of the desserts like mango sticky rice!

He was tired of working hard and feeling stressed about making more money when he already had enough. He left Florida for Thailand in 2004. He decided that Thailand had the best food of all the countries he was considering moving to. He thought he could make it living here 1 year.

He arrived in Bangkok, went to Phuket for a couple of months, then went up to Ubon Ratchathani, in the northeast. He talked with monks about meditation a lot and stayed at Wat Pah Nanachat for a couple of days. He went back to Ubon town and got a job teaching English at the main primary school there.

I was just graduating from university in Ubon and I lived in Sisaket.

My teacher told me there is an opening at Anuban Ubon School and I should call them for an interview. Hubby’s number was given to me at the school. I called it. Hubby answered. I made him laugh because my English was good and I could joke. He loved it. He invited me for an interview. I went. We fell in love. Happily ever after (and 2 lovely kids later, here we are!) Oh, and yeah, I got the job. 😛

We lived in Ubon for a while, then Sisaket, then Surat Thani. In 2007 we moved to Krabi, Thailand in the south. Krabi is something like Hawaii. Less expensive!

A nice place to hike in Krabi called Ngorn Nak Mountain Trail (free guide)

We decided to make some websites and work online. I had to work in a travel agency first for over a year so we could afford to live. We lived on about $300 per month for the first year or so. Then the websites started doing well. Soon we were making good money. We saved nothing. We had fun.

We went to Ko Samui Island a lot. Trang. Krabi places.

Today we are only really working on JoysThaiFood.com. Hubby sold all his other websites to fund us for the last few years. His YouTube channel, websites, books at Amazon, everything came crashing down before Covid, and then Covid finished us.

We’re trying to rebuild. We think JTF.com could be a great way to get going again.

We don’t have any way to make money with the site yet, but if the recipe helped you in some way we can’t say no to a small donation if you want to send. Our PayPal is: NouLovic@gmail.com.

If you have any website, maybe you can make a link to JoysThaiFood.com? It will help us so much. This website used to be doing good many years ago (2008-2012) but we ignore it because we have to get real jobs.

We hope you enjoy JTF! If you have any suggestions, do let us know! We’re trying to figure out what to focus on and how much of living in Thailand we should put here in the blog. We may add much more, or maybe just focus on Thai food. Not sure!

Let us know what you think!