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Sawasdee Ka!

Welcome to Joy’s Thai Food Recipe Training Blog for Beginners! I am a Thai girl located in Thailand where I am married to my American husband and we have a lovely young daughter. I spend my time working full-time with a foreign volunteer organization that sends people to Thailand from around the world. Sometimes I have time to post recipe instructions, photos, and videos here on my Thai food blog.

I like to help other people across the world to make delicious Thai recipes and help beginners to learn how to create your own food blog like I did. It’s an easy and fun way to make some extra money. Once you get the process down, it’s just taking some photos, maybe videos too, and writing up what you did to create your recipe on your new food blog.

Please have a look at some of my videos at Youtube: Joy’s Thai Food Channel. If you want to contact me, click here, or use Joy’s Thai Food at Google+. We also have a Facebook Forum here!

Thank you for finding my site! I hope you choose to make your own food blog using my helpful guides.

Don’t forget, if you want to create your OWN FOOD BLOG, or just any website, we have used two different web hosts (servers) for our websites over the years – Knownhost, and BlueHost. Bluehost is the right one for you if you’re just starting out. Have a look! >

Sawasdee Ka - Joy

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